Hotel Policy

1. Reservation

1.1 Customers can make reservations by contacting the hotel directly through various channels of the hotel. The reservation is subject to prepayment according to the specified conditions. The hotel does not accept bookings without prepayment.

1.2 Confirmation of the booking is complete when the hotel has received payment of the required amount and the customer has received confirmation of the reservation from the hotel.

1.3 Guests are allowed to stay for 2 persons per room, if there is an additional guest. The hotel will charge for an additional extra bed. No more than 1 additional person over 12 years old and no more than 2 guests under 12 years old. Please see additional charges section for details.

2. Payment

2.1 Customers can pay by various methods as specified by the hotel, such as bank transfer. or payment through various applications.

2.2 All payments must be made immediately prior to booking. If payment is not made on time The hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking.

3. Cancellation of reservations

3.1 The Customer can cancel the booking by contacting the Hotel directly. The hotel will try to help find solutions for customers as much as possible.

3.2 The Hotel will refund the Customer according to the cancellation conditions set forth. There may be conditions for canceling reservations according to different dates as follows.

3.2.1 Cancellation 7 days prior to the arrival date, the hotel will refund the customer the full amount already paid.

3.2.2 Cancellation less than 7 days prior to the arrival date, the hotel will charge the full amount already paid.

 3.2.3 Cancellations or no-shows on the day of arrival will be charged the full amount already paid.

4. Occupancy fines

4.1 The hotel does not allow cooking. and bring food to eat in the room but allowed to eat on the balcony A fine will be charged if the guest fails to comply.

4.2 The hotel does not allow fresh items to be stored in the refrigerator in the room. A fine will be charged if the guest fails to comply.

4.3 The hotel does not allow smoking in the room. but allows smoking on the balcony of the room A fine will be charged if the guest fails to comply.

4.4 The hotel does not allow loud noises after 23:00 and will charge a penalty if guests do not comply.

5. Condition change

5.1 The hotel reserves the right to change the booking conditions without prior notice to customers.

5.2 If the hotel changes the booking conditions The hotel will announce it via the website.

6. Facilities for staying

6.1 The hotel provides free wireless internet access for its guests.

6.2 The hotel provides parking for in-house customers. without additional cost.

6.3 The hotel offers a motorbike rental service. The service fee is 300 baht per day.

7. Responsibilities of the Hotel

7.1 The hotel will be responsible for providing the services in accordance with the booking conditions outlined in this guest policy.

7.2 The Hotel shall not be liable for any damages or errors incurred by the Customer or their property.

8. Policy on Staying Under 12 Years Old

8.1 Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

8.2 The hotel does not accept guests under the age of 12 without accompanying parents or guardians.

8.3 For guests aged 12 years and over, the rates will be the same as adults.

8.4 In case of more than 2 guests per room, guests between 4 and 12 years old will be charged an extra bed at a lower price than an adult's extra bed.

8.5 For children under 4 years old, the hotel does not charge additional fees.

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